One Entry – Art Madness Raffle

Tickets are now available for our 2024 Art Madness Raffle! The winners will be announced during our “Something Big” opening reception, Saturday March 23rd from 5pm-7pm.  Proceeds from tickets sales will benefit the kids art program at TCAC.
There will be 15 total winners for the following amounts:
5 winners of $50
4 winners of $100
3 winners of $250
2 winners of $500
1 winner of $1,000
These shares are offered on a best effort basis. If 100 or less tickets are sold, the Tri-County Arts Council reserves the right to cut most prizes by 25% with a guaranteed $750 First Prize. If not completely subscribed, the underwriter has the right to cancel the offering and all contributions shall be returned.
Good Luck!



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