Beginners Watercolor – April 11 – May 16, 2024 (Thursday)

Instructor: John Balacki

Date: April 11 – May 16, 2024 (Thursday)

Time: 6:00-8:00pm

Cost: $160 Artisan Members & Above $180 Basic/Family Members & Non-Members

Age: 12+

The ‘Beginning Watercolor’ class is designed for those with little or no experience in the medium.  This six week course will provide basic understanding of color and techniques used in watercolor painting.


Class 2 (Apr 18) Brief review of Color Wheel

‘See objects as shapes, not as things’
Discussion of values/contrast in painting (Clarity/definition)
Denman Ross Scale
B&W Palette
Practice values with paints in palette
Intro: Gatorboard; Proper taping.
Basic ‘wet-on-dry’ wash:
Positive and negative space.
Graduated (Graded) ‘wet-on-dry’ wash
Wet-on-wet Wash
Drawing Tips

Class 3 (Apr 25) Review wet-on-dry, graduated wet-on-

dry and wet-on-wet washes.
General Recommendations in Painting:
Save highlights
Start with lightest color and progress
Process and Practice of a Glaze
Shadows and Reflections
Still Life: Drawing/transfer to paper
Grid Technique
Scale and relationship of objects

Class 4 (May 2) Continue drawing and painting of still life
Use of a wash of choice on completed painting.
Intro to perspective.

Class 5 (May 9) Begin work on individual ‘live’ still life

set up in studio
Include shadows/values/washes

Class 6 (May 16) Complete work on still life.

Shared critique.
Review of course.
General Comments on art
Sources/recommendations for supplies
Continuing Ed opportunities



Welcome to the Beginners Watercolor class.

The following will be provided for your use:
Watercolor paints and 7 brushes of varied sizes
Watercolor paper
Paper towels
Gator board (a raised flat surface to support the paper)
Please bring the following items to class:
¾” to 1” masking tape
#2B or 2H pencil
White eraser
Old absorbent hand towel
Smock, if desired
Straight-edge (like a 12” ruler or 30-60-90 triangle)
Wide-mouthed, quart-size (preferably plastic) water container for
washing brushes (Tupper ware would be suitable)
Box of tissues

Optional: small spray bottle

TCAC does not allow students to take paints/brushes home, but you are welcome to come in to paint in the blue studio during
regular hours: Tuesday through Friday, noon to 6 PM; Saturday noon to 5 PM (closed Sunday and Monday).  You may want to
purchase an inexpensive set of watercolors/brushes for home use, if more convenient.



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