Kids N Art: Summer Camp – July 11-14, 2023 (Tues-Fri)

Instructors: Katelyn Heins, Marin Turk & Allison Braun

Date: July 11-14, 2023 (Tues-Fri)

Time: 1:00-2:00pm

Cost: $80 Members and Non-members, scholarships available. 

Age: 6-12

Let your child’s imagination soar this summer with our art camp! This is a four day program where we will be learning different art forms and techniques. Your children will be exploring painting, drawing, writing, printing, collage and more!

We are running three programs this summer, and each program will be teaching different activities. Parents are encouraged to join their children if they so choose.

This class is brought to you by a partnership with the YMCA.

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