Kilns and glazes

Hello Potters, The glaze kiln is out and work can be picked up starting Tuesday at noon. The bisque/low-fire glaze kiln is firing.  A few pieces in the glaze kiln had glaze runs so be careful handling your work. Our grinding wheel does not do a very good job of grinding off glaze runs, I suggest you find someone with a diamond grinding bit on a Dremel Tool. Which leads me to glazes, make sure you are leaving space at the bottom of your pieces for the glaze to run down. If the glaze is thick or you use more than one glaze leave more space. One quarter inch is the minimum, you can go higher if need be. Also, do not use the Seaweed dipping glaze, it has problems. I am researching how to correct the problems. In the meantime use the Oribe glaze from Clayscapes. Thank you, enjoy the fruits of your labor!