New glaze display

Hello Studio Members! Violet and I have been working on a new glaze display for the Cone 5-6 glazes and the underglazes only. The low-fire glazes are identified by the samples on the bottles or on the square test tiles near the small jars of glaze. We are in the process of firing more Cone 5-6 samples. Now that there are many more tiles on the board we ask that you do not remove them from the board. The glazes are identified on the front by their manufacturer and whether they are brushing or dipping. For further information about the glaze please read the manufacturer's instructions on the label. We have redone the underglaze samples to show all 22 colors that we now have and we have them on White clay and Tan Speck, they are glazed and waiting to be fired.
 We ask that you keep the glaze bottles clean so everyone can read them, please wipe off any spills or glaze on the rims before you replace them on the shelf. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.