News about the black potter’s wheel

Notice to potters using the black Thomas Stuart Electric wheels in the studio:

The aluminum wheel heads, and the steel drive shafts have been treated with Permatex anti-seize lubricant, a silver paste. This has been done to make the removal of the wheel heads easier for clean-up. To be effective, we need to keep both surfaces dry and free from rust.

Therefore, we have new Instructions for cleaning the black Thomas Stuart electric wheels.

1. Clean the aluminum wheel head with your sponge and “throwing” water, set aside. Do not clean the wheel head under the running water of the sink.

2. After cleaning the catch basin, set it next to the wheel until it is dry or on one of the tables if there is space.  Keep water away from the steel shaft that turns the wheel. If you must leave before all surfaces are dry just leave the wheel apart. The next user or staff will put it back together.

There may be kinks to work out in this new procedure but please bear with us, we are trying to save everyone’s shoulders from injury.