All NEW Clay 2lb ($3.20) and 4lb ($6.40)

2lb ($3.20) and 4lb ($6.40)


Standard 112 Brown Clay (with granular Manganese specks). This is our all-purpose  Cone 6 stoneware; it is good for wheel throwing and hand building. It fires to a tan color with black specks, this is to mimic reduction atmosphere firings.

Average shrinkage is 11%-12%  Average Absorption is 2.25%


Laguna Miller #65 White Stoneware. This is the cone 6 white stoneware that we have been using for the last two years. It is for members who want a “white” surface for their glazes. It fires to a creamy white at Cone 6. 

Average shrinkage is 13% -14% Average Absorption is 1%


Standard 630 White Stoneware. This is a  Cone 6 stoneware containing fire clay and mullite for enhances thermal properties. Toni Murray at M&M Pottery uses this clay for her casserole dishes (Ovenware) and recommended that we try it. It is a new product for us. 

Average shrinkage is  13%-14%  Average Absorption is 1.85%


Standard 105 White Earthenware. A “plastic” moldable white low-fire (Cone 04) clay body. It is used widely in the schools around here. If  you want to use low-fire glazes, this is one of the clays to use. Violet has lots of experience with this clay.

Average shrinkage is 6.5%-7%  Average Absorption is 18%


Laguna Miller #10G White Earthenware. This is the clay we have been using for our Creative Clay classes. This clay is good for all applications, also for use with low-fire glazes. This clay contains grog that shows up as tiny black specks when glaze is fired.

Average shrinkage is 7.8%-8%  Average Absorption is 11.5%